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Planetary Apocalypse

"I'm afraid that time has come and gone my friend.... What can we do?.... Save as many as you can"

***Movie: The Day After Tommorrow

Mankind is on a direct collision course with planetary apocalypse if it does not radically, fundamentally and profoundly change the current trajectory it is now blindly and ignorantly treading.

Here are some critical corrections that must be implemented within the next decade to avoid the coming planetary apocalypse:

1. 1 child per family policy instituted worldwide in every nation on Earth- ENFORCED.
2. Zero point and antigravitic free energy systems to replace antiquated hydrocarbon economy.
3. Atmospheric water drawing air filtration devices to be mass produced and spread to every member of the human family.
4. The transition from a meat base diet to a vegan based diet worldwide.
5. Termination of the global military-industrial-intelligence-security-prison complex.
6. Global Reforestation Campaign- the planting of a trillion trees worldwide to mitigate the threat of global climate change.
7. Replace the profit motive (competition) with a global service economy (cooperation).
8. Establishment of a Global Green World Order.
9. Implementation of a global guaranteed minimal income/spreading the wealth ($US 1000/month, billionares fund)
10. Establishment of a World Constitution/Global Bill of Rights/Earth Federation/Planetary World Government.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Geneva, Switzerland

January 20, 2020



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