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The Quantum Revolution

"As complexity increases, new and higher forms of both novelty and order emerge that mark evolution's advance"

-Carter Phipps, Author of the Book: The Evolutionaries

Mankind sits at the threshold of a quantum revolution in human and civilizational affairs in the decade of the 2020's.

The roaring 2020's will be a time of extremely rapid change and profound human evolution. The quantum revolution that will unfold will be unlike any other time in the entire history of human evolutionary advancement. These are times when giant strides, complete system overthrows and the forging of new social, environmental, political, economic and religious paradigms will be created and implemented. Although these are times of extreme crisis in human affairs, this is also a time of flowering opportunities to create a more just, more sustainable, more upright human civilization on Earth. For in the fire of adversity and chaos is forged the proper edifice for human continuity, fulfillment and prosperity.

A quantum leap in human evolution as exemplified in the Quantum Revolution that Mankind is now undergoing can be defined as a dramatic shift from one level of individual and collective consciousness, intelligence and order to a completely new (or higher) level of experience, order and being, much akin to a molecule that undergoes an ionization process where electrons jump to a higher level of orbit surrounding the nucleus of an atom. This jump represents a new intellectual and evolutionary template of greater freedom, novelty and complexity from which new insight, understanding and coherence can take root and flourish, in turn, creating new value systems, institutions and societal principles more in line with the needs and requirements of the time.

The key variables of our time are global climate change, overpopulation, technology, world government and religion. All variables synergistically have the potential to bring salvation or destruction to the human species. New matrices of complexity, intelligence and novelty can bring forth either expansion or contraction (life or death) on a quantum revolutionary level and can be harnessed either for good or for evil purposes.

On January 23, 2020, the prestigious Bulletin of Atomic Scientists proclaimed that the Doomsday clock had been set at 100 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been. Citing the threats of global climate change and nuclear weapons, the Bulletin stated emphatically that we now stand at the very precipice of planetary apocalypse in the decade of the 2020's.

Humanity entered the decade of the roaring 2020's with 7.7 billion people (and growing). Global climate change is quickly leading us down a path of planetary extinction by 2100 if radical, profound and revolutionary changes are not made in the areas of free energy, environmental restoration, planet management and the equitable re-distribution of wealth to all members of the human family. Technology can be used to enslave or liberate the human enterprise. If the quantum revolution in technology can be harnessed to serve the greater good of humanity (and not its enslavement through a Big Brother spy and surveillance global police state), then our species can evolve into a true planetary civilization that survives the 21st century. If not, then the projected and prophesized Apocalypse will unfold and take its toll...

Religion is similarly key for humanity in the roaring 2020's. The religion of Islam is the largest and fastest growing religion on Earth. In 2020, 1.8 billion muslims populated the planet. The current trajectory concludes that by 2030, there will be 3 billion muslims on Earth worldwide. Islam is slated to conquer all global religions and literally, in the areas of religion and spirituality, rule the world. As the last symbolic piece of the final covenant given to Mankind by our Creator, we would expect no less. The sun, the earth and the moon- these are the 3 orbs that define our lives and our existence as sentient life forms in our known universe here on Earth. It is no accident that the 3 great monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all symbolically represented by these 3 orbs in the form of the blazing judaic star of david, the christian earth cross and the islamic crescent moon.

We enter the "danger zone" of planetary crisis/opportunity in the revolutionary decade of the 2020's. The quantum revolution we are enmeshed in with regards to establishing a Global Green World Order and an Advanced Planetary Civilization for Mankind will lead us to salvation and continuity if we evolve our levels of consciousness, intelligence and spirituality in a direction suitable for the times we are now transiting through. If we continue to abuse the quantum revolution in technology, for example, and devolve down the path of digital enslavement and economic control of the world's population, then will shall surely perish in the fullness of time as a species.

Technology, if used properly in the deployment of a free energy revolution, such as with the development of both zero point and antigravitic propulsion technologies, will help put a permanent end to the antiquated global hydrocarbon economy and mitigate the supreme threat of global climate change (along with global reforestation carbon sequestration campaigns).

Rabid nationalism, although important in preserving cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, will have to give way to the new internationalism and political globalism that is, in reality, Mankind's next evolutionary step towards greater complexity and perfection. This new globalist perspective requires the complete termination of a fascist military industrial intelligence security prison complex that glorifies war, profit and privilege at the expense of the people and the planet. Instead, these trillions of dollars, euros, yen, yuan etc... must be re-directed towards global environmental stewardship, the development of mechanisms and institutions conducive to the platform of planet management and into creating and maintaining a sustainable, free energy based, green world civilization for Mankind on into the 21st century.

We must rapidly move away from a meat and dairy based global diet that slaughters 700 billion cows, pigs, chickens annually and make a fundamental shift into a planetary vegan dietary regime that preserves and protects the environmental integrity of the planetary life support systems that sustain human civilization. A quantum revolution in dietary norms will be brought about by the vegan revolution that is now sweeping the planet (so that all may be fed).

The global quantum revolution of the roaring 2020's will also be bringing in a democratic/socialist political paradigm that is best suited to evolving the people's and nations of the planet into a green, sustainable and equitable planetary world order by 2030, in collusion with the United Nation's Agenda 2030 goals for sustainable planet management and eventual world government.

737 individuals on this planet own and control over 80% of the world's wealth as of the year 2020. The top ten percent of humanity controls over over 93% of the planet's financial assets. The rest of humanity-the lower 90%- owes over 72% of the world's debt. Another way to look at this is that the world's top 2000 billionares have more wealth combined than 4.6 billion people on Earth, roughly 2/3rds of all humanity. These are obscene disparities between the world's rich and poor. Such disparity and injustice cannot and will not continue if Mankind, as a whole, has any chance of surviving the 21st century.

If the world's billionaires (and trillionares) pooled their resources, and gave away only 1% of their combined wealth, we could provide every single man, woman and child on Earth with sufficient food, housing, clothing, education, health care and transportation. This is not a difficult thing to do, all it takes is the will and the decision to do it. One of our prime objectives as a species should be to care for the welfare, comfort, survival and prosperity of others, as well as to help alleviate any pain, suffering and discomfort whenever and wherever we find it.

Our world enters global crises' on many fronts in the decade of the roaring 2020's. Care and compassion for our fellow human beings in need (as well as for our natural environment) must become a paramount principle value to be embraced and acted upon by all members of the human family. For the record, let it be stated that material wealth is to be used to uplift and improve our common human condition on Earth. Paper money, gold, silver, precious metals, yachts, palacial homes and estates, private planes, compounds, islands and helicopters or any other form of material wealth will all be left behind when one dies and parts the physical plane of existence. Best to cultivate what is everlasting and what can be termed as "real wealth", that is, the wealth of the spirit. This special type of wealth comes from living a life of benevolence, love, sharing, caring and compassion for others. These are the eternal, enduring attributes of spirit that survive physical death in the world to come. Truly, there is no greater level of human fullfillment, happiness and contentment of spirit than to help and assist others in need.

In conclusion, the quantum revolution that confronts humanity in the roaring 2020's will radically change, evolve and ultimately overthrow many incongruent, antiquated and dysfunctional personal and institutional practices and value systems that currently imprison and enslave humanity. On many fronts, the quantum revolution must, by necessity, overthrow everything so that we can collectively build a new world order founded upon principles and values of care, compassion, cooperation, intelligence and, ultimately, higher consciousness. The decade of the roaring 2020's is where humanity will make it or break it. We will collectively breakthrough or breakdown and collapse as a species. Now is the time to take the quantum leap in higher consciousness and put our talent, expertise and genius into building and creating a global green world civilization on Earth that can not only survive but prosper well into the 21st century and beyond.

In a word, the true quantum revolution of the roaring 2020's is TOTAL WORLD REVOLUTION on every front, on every level and on every dimension. Its time to go for broke, because, simply put, extinction is not an option.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
North American Continent
American Economic Union (AEU)
Planet Earth

October 21, 2029


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